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Hugh Eakin

Saudi Arabia 2012
The New York Review of Books
Saudi Arabia

Hugh Eakin is a senior editor at the The New York Review of Books, where he edits long-form reportage and review essays about international affairs, history, and culture. He specializes in current affairs and foreign policy. The New York Review of Books publishes long-form reportage from different regions of the world, as well as review essays of current scholarship and works of non-fiction about politics, international issues, history, and culture. Eakin is the editor of the NYRblog, the online daily magazine of the New York Review, which received the Overseas Press Club award for best online commentary in 2011. Previously, he worked for the Berlin Bureau of The New York Times and was a senior editor at ARTnews magazine in New York. His reporting and criticism has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The New York Review of Books, and the Wall Street Journal.


  • Saudi Arabia and the New US War in Yemen

    Photo: Christa Case Bryant   The United States is quietly being drawn into an escalating conflict in Yemen. Following the discovery earlier this month of a new bomb plot aimed at American...

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