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Ben Dalton

Kazakhstan 2013
International Crisis Group
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Ben Dalton is a Washington-based Communications Officer with the International Crisis Group, a leading global conflict prevention NGO that conducts field research on international political conflict, with the aim of providing the best information to policymakers in a position to prevent further violence. Crisis Group reports are written with specialists in mind; Dalton’s responsibilities include translating original ICG research into accessible media products, whether op-eds, blog posts, interactive maps, videos, or media releases -- and then working to make sure those products are published in top outlets. He works closely with ICG field researchers and occasionally travels to the field to collect material. For example, ICG sent Dalton to Georgia to shoot video and photograph subjects relating to the organization’s work in the South Caucasus. He directly manages a team of two to four interns. Previously Dalton worked at Harvard University Press's publicity department. He holds a BA in International Relations from Brown University and has studied in Russia and India. 


  • Nuclear Steppe

    {image-1}  1. In north-east Kazakhstan, close to the Russian border, lies Kurchatov city, a small, rundown town that was once one of the USSR’s most closely guarded secrets. Kurchatov housed...

  • In the End Is the Beginning: Kazakhstan After Nazarbayev

    Kazakhstan has everything going for it: enormous natural resources from oil and gas to gold, uranium and rare earth metals; a young, multi-lingual population; and thousands of young foreign trained graduates, who...

  • Astana: A City Built for Giants

    {image-1} Astana simply means “capital.” In 1997, the recently-independent country of Kazakhstan moved its government here. Flush with new oil wealth, Kazakhstan has built an EPCOT city of sorts on the...

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