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Sarah Carr

Fellows Fall 2006
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sarah Carr covers schools in New Orleans. Previously she covered urban education issues at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for the past four years. She has won awards for a series on Milwaukee’s distinctive school voucher program, and for a portrait of a middle school being shut down in the Bronx. Over the past year, Carr explored the lives of pre-schoolers through a fellowship with the University of Maryland’s Journalism Fellowships in Child and Family Policy. Previously, she worked at The Chronicle of Higher Education in Washington D.C. for two years, where her coverage of online education took her to tribal colleges in rural Montana and the dotcoms of San Francisco. Carr has also written for The Charlotte Observer, The Berkshire Eagle, and the Cape Cod Times. She graduated from Williams College in 1999 with a B.A. in English, and from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2002.


  • Interactive Chat with Sarah Carr

    Carr interviews students at the Guandong Bowen International School in Zhongshan. Jan. 31, 2007 -- Sarah Carr spent five weeks reporting in China through a fellowship with the International Reporting Project at the Johns...

  • Always room for kindness in China

    Carr conducts interviews at a public school sports meet in Ningbo, China. Jan. 26, 2007 -- When I went to China to visit and write about its schools, I expected to feel isolated. I...

  • Education gap could threaten China’s stability

    In the past six months, Beijing officials have ordered dozens of the private schools for migrant students to close. Some allege the decision is an attempt to clean up the city in...

  • Confucius reenters China’s schools to parry Western ways

    A student at the brand-new Huijia Private School in Beijing practices calligraphy. GUANGDONG, China -- On a recent Friday afternoon in this southern Chinese province, the fourth-graders at Bowen International School were...

  • Lost in transition, Part II of II

    Private schools such as Xingzhi Migrant School in Beijing offer lower costs, but also substandard equipment and inexperienced teachers. BEIJING, China -- Part II of II In the small village Du Zhan...

  • School envy a 2-way street for China, U.S., Part I of II

    Young girls practice on an ancient Chinese instrument called the Gu Zheng at the Guangdong Bowen International School in Zhongshan, China. ZHEJIANG PROVINCE, China -- Part I of II On a recent...

  • Schooling migrants challenges Beijing

    Beijing -- As the first cold weather hit Beijing in the fall, students and teachers at the Xingzhi Migrant Middle School packed their belongings, preparing to move after their drafty building, accessible...

  • A Chinese Scholar Reckons With His Past

    Shanghai January 27, 1971: "If we dedicate all our lives to the socialist revolution, letting the Communist Party and the People decide how we can make the most of our time, our futures are...

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