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Richard Byrne

Fellows Spring 1999
The Riverfront Times

Richard Byrne has worked as an editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education, Washington City Paper and St. Louis Magazine. His work has appeared in publications including The Guardian, Time (online), Foreign Policy, The Washington Post, BookForum and The American Prospect. He has been a contributing editor for the Belgrade-based journals Alexandria and Evropa, a contributing writer for New York Press and the Boston Phoenix, and a staff writer for The Riverfront Times and the Baltimore City Paper. He is also a playwright and a cultural critic whose work has appeared as liner notes for bands including R.E.M. and Uncle Tupelo.


  • Target Practice

    SARAJEVO Spring, 1999 - Timing really is everything. I know because I spent much of the latter part of February and first half of March in a vain attempt to obtain a visa...

  • Revengers tragedy

    SARAJEVO Spring, 1999 - As the capital of Bosnia, and a frequent player on the world stage this century, you'd expect nothing less than a certain outward sophistication and cosmopolitanism from Sarajevans even...

  • Driving Bosnia: Sarajevo finds peace under an abbreviated occupation

    SARAJEVO Spring, 1999 - It's dusk in the Sarajevo village suburb of Doglodi, and except for the sound of 12 year-old Elvir Jusic pedalling an old bike up and down the street and occasionally...

  • Casualties of War

    SARAJEVO Spring, 1999 -- It's the morning after NATO's first bombs fall on Yugoslavia, and Open Broadcasting Network (OBN) anchor Duska Jurisic is talking bluntly to me about her station's performance the previous...

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