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Emily Backus

Fellows Spring 1999
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Emily Backus has been a television journalist since she graduated from Columbia University in 1990. She has reported extensively on racism, the environment, consumer fraud and problems affecting the poor and disadvantaged. She was a production associate for CBS’ “60 Minutes” in Paris from mid-1992 to early 1993 and studied at the Sorbonne University. She has worked as an investigative producer for WWOR-TV in New York and as a New York-based freelance journalist, winning numerous awards and citations.


  • War spurs some Kosovars to return home

    BARI Spring, 1999 - For the past few days, the passenger terminal in the port of Bari has been an unusually busy place. Its -coffee shop has been packed with Italian aid workers...

  • Runaways

    ITALY, Spring 1999 -- MEDINA ADZOVIC SWEARS that, if she had known what the trip to Italy would be like, she never would have paid Albanian traffickers $1,700 to be smuggled along with her...

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