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Beenish Ahmed

Fellows 2016
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Beenish Ahmed is a world reporter for the news site ThinkProgress, based Washington, D.C., and the founding editor of The Alignist, a new media platform that connects current events to literary works. She has reported on children trafficked into the sex trade in Mombasa, the bonds of kinship forged between transgender dancers in Peshawar, and an aquaponics farm that brings fresh vegetables to Abu Dhabi. Her work has been featured online and on air for outlets including NPR, PRI’s The World, Sky News, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, and Vice. Beenish’s reporting has been supported by the International Center for Journalists, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, and the United Nations Foundation. She earned an MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies from the University of Cambridge as a Fulbright Scholar to the United Kingdom and graduated with honors from the University of Michigan.


  • The beauty and mystery of voodoo in Haiti

    Although it’s been long associated with the dark and dreadful, voodoo is very much a celebration of life and nature. And just like there’s another side to the...

  • Why Vodou and lesbians get along

    When Marjorie Lafontant wants to reach the LGBT community, she grabs a megaphone and heads to a peristyle, a Voodoo temple. The leader of Haiti’s first lesbian rights organization starts...

  • Queer Haitians Find a Refuge in Vodou

    It’s just past 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning when Stephenson Meus tips back a bottle of Barbancourt. The rum comes out early in the 30-year-old’s congested Port-au-Prince...

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