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  • People Not Numbers

    One million. Can you visualize one million people? The Kenyan population is growing at a rate of 1m people a year, and is in danger of slowing the positive development of the country. The effects of this population explosion is often told, but too often we concentrate on numbers and graphs, instead of on the human cost of this issue. To put a face to the statistics, we travelled to the Pumwani Maternity Hospital in the East of Nairobi. Dr Omondi Kumba told us a bit about the place. It was founded in 1926 and after Kenyan independence was turned over to the City of Nairobi. The hospital is a “referral hospital”, which means that health centres around Nairobi send patients who are at risk of complications to Pumwani. This explains the rather high proportion of caesarian sections carried out. Each and every day...

  • Kenya, a Country of Contrasts

    We arrived at Joma airport late last night. It was dark so my first impressions of Nairobi were that it seemed like any other large city. The first sign that things were different here was the airport style security checks on entering the hotel. This morning we met the other bloggers and the organisers of the trip then set off to visit the slum of Kibera. There is some confusion as to how many millions of people live there; the reason for this uncertainty quickly became apparent. There are thousands of mud huts in a seemingly endless rabbit burrow-like maze. It was a glimpse through the looking glass into a different world. We were being shown around the slum by a group of young adults who run a youth group. The members of the Kibera Lundi Youth organisation were well dressed. They must have worked...

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