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  • A Stroll Through Africa’s Largest and Poorest Slum

    I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, around midnight of Sunday, June 17, 2012. A few hours later I was headed for Africa’s most talked-about slum in company of other bloggers from around the world. Kenya and Nigeria share a lot in common, politically and socially, and I was hoping to use the opportunity of the trip put together by the International Reporting Project (IRP) of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), U.S.A., to explore the similarities and differences between both countries. But nothing could have prepared me for what turned out to be a gut-wrenching experience. Kibera has variously been described as Africa’s largest and poorest slum. It is also one of the biggest slums in the world. Located about 5km from Nairobi, Kibera is a city within a city. It is divided into a number...

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