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  • My First Night In Mumbai, India

    It’s very, very late here in Mumbai. I’ve just gotten situated in my hotel, but I can’t stop thinking about what I’ve already seen. At the airport (which is still called Bombay), I met up with several members of my group. We’re all here to report on child survival with the International Reporting Project. We were met by hotel staff and split into two groups. I got into a very nice van and we took off on a very short (15 minute) journey to the hotel. It was already dark--past 10 p.m. But the city was alive. Shops looked open. It seemed everyone was awake. People were walking around, and some cars were packed full of small children. This would be considered pretty unusual in America on a school night. Then, on the side of...

  • I’m Traveling to India with the International Reporting Project

    I’m very excited to be traveling to India mid-February with the International Reporting Project*, where I’ll be one of 10 journalists participating in a New Media Trip to report on issues dealing with child survival. I’ll be traveling to slums, hospitals, and rural areas to meet the children and mothers trying to survive. And I’ll profile members of organizations trying to help. My goal is to show the problems and obstacles that have led to this epidemic, and identify programs and ideas that could lead to the solutions India needs to help it’s most vulnerable citizens survive childhood. What is the problem? More than six million children under the age of five died in 2011. Some died of preventable diseases. Others developed illnesses caused by unsanitary living conditions. Those that survive childhood often bear...

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