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  • Women as Problem Solvers

    Angela Maiers shares two words she believes are essential to young women considering a career in STEM: "You matter." The essence behind what Angela has to say is backed by some research. In June 2008, a report was released by the National Academy of Engineering, called "Changing the Conversation: Messages for Improving Public Understanding of Engineering," on the best way to convince young people to go into engineering. The message? Tell them that they will make a difference. The four most effective statements they tested were: Engineers make a world of difference. Engineers are creative problem-solvers. Engineers help shape the future. Engineering is essential to our health, happiness, and safety. If you work as a scientist, engineer or a physician, you are working to solve problems, change the world, and improve people's lives. This is the message I will be highlighting as I travel...

  • India Trip to Examine Issues in Child Survival: How Science and Engineering Help

    Back in October, I opened my email to find an interesting invitation for me to apply for a trip to India as part of a special International Reporting Project bloggers’ trip focusing on child survival and related issues of health and development. “The trip will focus on issues of child survival in India. Among the topics we will examine are the development of vaccines, child malnutrition, tuberculosis, polio, HIV/AIDS, maternal health, access to clean water and hygiene, privatization of health care and its affect on child survival, and the impact of agricultural and rural development on child survival. The program will include meetings and site visits in Delhi and Mumbai, with a visit to a rural area. Participants would be asked to be as active as possible in blogging or reporting in any format about the trip. We would encourage blogging...

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