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  • How Biometric Innovation Is Helping TB Patients in India

    Screams from a large crowd, made up of hundreds of kids, ushered the IRP India group through Bhiwandi, a very poor settlement in Mumbai, India. The neighborhood, we learned, is home to thousands of migrants who are mostly workers in cloth-weaving factories that are located in the area. A common health challenge in the settlement is tuberculosis. The project we visited, called Operation Asha, is saving lives in the area through a biometric (fingerprint) system used to track patients and to ensure they take their medications.  When patients place their fingers on the biometric device, their earlier captured details show on an attached laptop. It also shows when they last took their medications and what they have taken so far. The doctors say to cure tuberculosis completely, patients must strictly adhere to their routine medication.  Patients are assisted by the health personnel...

  • Monetary Package Is Saving Lives in India

    Women in India who go to hospitals for their deliveries receive monetary incentives. This attractive package is also extended to accredited social workers who are able to get expectant mothers to go to the hospitals. According to Dr. Armida Fernandes, former Professor and Head of Neonatology at Lokmanaya Tilak Municipal General Hospital, the initiative has increased the number of women who now use hospital services from about 43 to 73 percent. Considering the fact that maternal and newborn mortality in India is not so remarkable, this is indeed progress. The country, just like Nigeria, is in the category of nations rated low in that area by the World Health Organization (WHO). Most poor women in these countries prefer unhygienic local birth attendants and private unaccredited services. That is not to say all traditional birth attendants are bad, but most of them have limited knowledge on how...

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