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  • Insights from Marrakech:  A Journalist Reflects on How to Cover Climate Change

    Emma Bryce is a London-based freelancer who traveled to Morocco with the International Reporting Project in 2016. Here, she reflects on the unexpected insights to be gleaned from reporting alongside a group of her peers.   I’m a freelance journalist, and I find that one quirk of this largely solitary profession is that you must rely on an internal yardstick to tell you how you’re doing and how to improve your work. This aspect of my career has been empowering, and has undoubtedly built my confidence. But on the other hand, the solitary nature of the work also breeds uncertainty and insecurity about your abilities, which can make it easier to lose sight of your strengths and weaknesses. Recently, I had a chance to step out of that solitary reality as one of five IRP fellows on a reporting trip to Marrakech....

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