Reporting Trips

Several times a year, up to 12 journalists will be awarded grants to travel as a group to an important but under-covered country in the news. Since 2000, visits have been organized to Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Lebanon/Syria, India, Egypt, Nigeria, Korea, Uganda, Turkey, Kenya, China, Liberia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, India, Zambia, Kazakhstan, Tanzania, Brazil, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Nepal, Morocco and Senegal. Trip participants have included editors, producers, new media journalists, bloggers, social media journalists, and others.

All costs of travel, meals and accommodations during the reporting trips are paid for by the International Reporting Project unless the trip participant prefers to cover his or her own expenses. Participants are responsible for paying the costs of their passport and immunization fees.

For more information, please contact the International Reporting Project at 202-986-2700 or