Ethiopia 2014

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  • A Not-So-Grand Tour of Ethiopia’s Top Hospital

    DAVID GREENE, HOST: A few years ago, Ethiopia's health minister noted that there were more Ethiopian doctors working in Chicago than in their own country. That country has long had a weak health care system, and now some Ethiopian doctors are heading back with big ambitions. They want to

  • Reporter’s Notebook: A Not-So-Grand Tour of Ethiopia’s Top Hospital

    {image-1} When you sign up for a reporting fellowship to learn about the health of newborns in Ethiopia, you expect things to be a little different from what you're used to in the U.S. To be perfectly honest, a little worse. But Ethiopia actually surprised me, even before

  • Kangaroo Mother Care Could Save Millions of Lives in Poor Countries

    In a simple home in the village of Mosebo, Ethiopia—an earthen floor and walls made of wood and mud—a woman sat on a mattress on the floor with her crying, 8-month-old son. The mother, Alemitu Kelkay, pressed him to her breast, and eventually he quieted down.

  • FashionAble Women In Ethiopia

    {image-1} Twenty years ago, Cherry had completed her university degree in business, but was still unemployed. Driving with her family one night past the prostitutes on the streets of Addis Ababa she and her family sparked a discussion that left her wondering about what separated her life from theirs. The

  • Why USAID Is Shifting Maternal Health Funds Toward Africa, Asia

    The US Agency for International Development announced today that 26 countries have done so well at achieving maternal and child health goals that they’re now on their own. Their funding will instead go to 24 countries where mothers and children are still dying at alarming rates. The 


  • Hello From Ethiopia

    {image-1} I’ve been in Ethiopia for some 24 hours now. It's my third trip to Africa in almost as many years, but my first time in this country. The air is muggy, familiar. And I can feel the hustle and bustle of a thriving Addis Ababa around me.
  • Ethiopia Bound

    {image-1} I can hardly believe it is already here! Tomorrow I will be leaving well before the sun rises for my next adventure: Ethiopia. I will be one of nine new media journalists heading with The Johns Hopkins International Reporting Project to Ethiopia to report on newborn


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