Ethiopia 2014

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  • A Not-So-Grand Tour of Ethiopia’s Top Hospital

    DAVID GREENE, HOST: A few years ago, Ethiopia's health minister noted that there were more Ethiopian doctors working in Chicago than in their own country. That country has long had a weak health care system, and now some Ethiopian doctors are heading back with big ambitions. They want to

  • Reporter’s Notebook: A Not-So-Grand Tour of Ethiopia’s Top Hospital

    {image-1} When you sign up for a reporting fellowship to learn about the health of newborns in Ethiopia, you expect things to be a little different from what you're used to in the U.S. To be perfectly honest, a little worse. But Ethiopia actually surprised me, even before

  • Kangaroo Mother Care Could Save Millions of Lives in Poor Countries

    In a simple home in the village of Mosebo, Ethiopia—an earthen floor and walls made of wood and mud—a woman sat on a mattress on the floor with her crying, 8-month-old son. The mother, Alemitu Kelkay, pressed him to her breast, and eventually he quieted down.

  • Ethiopia’s Game-Changing Abortion Law

    {image-1} After decades battling high maternal death rates - at least a third of which were due to botched abortions - Ethiopia took a stand: it prioritized newborn and maternal health, and in 2005 it relaxed its abortion law in an effort to save women’s lives. Stopping short of

  • Rural Life in Ethiopia

    It is impossible to understand Ethiopia without visiting the countryside. In a country of 90 million people, the rural land of Ethiopia is where over 90% of Ethiopians live and catching a glimpse of their way of life is absolutely fascinating. During my two weeks in Ethiopia as a fellow with the


  • Hello From Ethiopia

    {image-1} I’ve been in Ethiopia for some 24 hours now. It's my third trip to Africa in almost as many years, but my first time in this country. The air is muggy, familiar. And I can feel the hustle and bustle of a thriving Addis Ababa around me.
  • Journalists Travel to Ethiopia to Report on Newborn Health

    {image-1} It may seem a little quiet around, but for good reason. I am co-leading a group of journalists throughout Ethiopia who are reporting on newborn health with the International Reporting Project.  Putting together a robust itinerary for the journalists has been a capstone to all
  • Ethiopia Bound

    {image-1} I can hardly believe it is already here! Tomorrow I will be leaving well before the sun rises for my next adventure: Ethiopia. I will be one of nine new media journalists heading with The Johns Hopkins International Reporting Project to Ethiopia to report on newborn
  • ONE Moms Travel to Ethiopia to Report on Newborn Health

    Meet ONE Moms Elizabeth Atalay and Nicole Melancon – both world travelers, advocates, and social good digital journalists who met at a blogging conference several years ago. Although they live across the country from one another, they have frequently worked together on campaigns with ONE, World Moms Blog, and Mom
  • World Moms Blog Editors Heading to Ethiopia to Report on Newborn Health

    {image-1} We have exciting news at World Moms Blog! Two World Moms Blog Editors, myself and Elizabeth Atalay, have been selected to travel to Ethiopia this June as New Media journalism fellows with The International Reporting Project (IRP).  Last April, World Moms Blog Senior Editor 


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